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Now staying at a distance where friends need jetlag pills to come to your place, I tend to stay home more than staying out. But in the end I realised me being me, it is just an illusion that I have turned domesticated. The realisation was further proven when coming out from a dance performance, I turned to ToyGirl and mentioned it is still a bit early (10pm) so we shall go for a short nightcap. Being with me for more than 10 years, she knows it is never a short nightcap. On such a short notice, I’ve decided Mist Club will be my best bet.

1. Some friends might be there.
2. Excellent cocktails at reasonable prices.
3. Friends might end up buying me drinks. (hehe..)

We got there a bit early and ToyGirl couldn’t wait for some friends that might or might not show up, she decided to have a simple cocktail that is strong enough to give her some kick. A Long Island! (what else??)

Very affordable at RM 26 and depending on your taste on cocktails (ToyGirl’s being the stronger the better!), it suits ToyGirl just fine. And as for me, I decided to skip on cocktails and head on to something with a little more class (ahem!). Which is to say, my friend did show up and we had some really really good single malt (my preference!). A Singleton of Glen Ord, not 12, not 15 but 18 years old bottle. Needless to say, it wasn’t a nightcap afterall.

When we decide to end the so called nightcap, it was 2:30am! Knowing tomorrow to be another happening day that will last throughout the night with the floggers (excuses, excuses,excuses), we packed in some after-drinks supper at USJ 2 for some backup energy (hehehe..more like fat in the making).

A very apt name for a very apt food that blows your cholesterol sky high. ToyGirl chose this (and she is the one worried about weight).

I chose one that is the lesser of two evils. Roti Kosong but with extra kuah. You need spicy after drinking (it is a fact!). Now we can go to rest.

I used to go shopping with ToyGirl for groceries almost every week till one day she decided I am more of a hindrance than a help (except for the carrying part). Almost every choice of ingredients leading to a meal will be shot down by the indecisive me. So now I am left wandering around man’s toys aisle till she finishes her “suprise me (toyboy)” dinner shopping. No complaints from me as I am gratefully happy for all the good meals she served me so far. But with some minced pork left from previous purchase and I was pretty sure I didn’t want another “wanton mee” session, she had to come up with something before I start the “you’re not feeeeeing me well enough”. So with some potatoes and limited ingredients, she thought the Shepherd ought to bring the piggies to China.

Also I must add, we have limited sauces hence the China part. With the help of good ol’ Mr.Lee Kum Kee, she fried up an aromatic minced pork which I was tempted to finish it off with bread till I realised ToyGirl was mashing quite a bit of potato at the corner. Only then I realised it is to be a pie. Lets carry on with the pie! Will over hunger.

So back to surfing internet while ToyGirl continue her endeavors which was suprisingly fast for next thing I know I am back downstairs clicking the camera away at a quarter-eaten pie. Looks like I am not the only hungry one.

My Girls’ Night Out
We surrounded ourselves with laughter, gossips, secrets and gripes
And these were fueled by our most joyous and saddest times
the girls spilled the beans with no holds barred
For we drank and drank like it’s a free flow bar
Drinking and B****ing
Goes hand in hand
Which is why there’s a saying in Chinese
(borrow alcohol to get rid of frustration)
It works, it’s proven
If you’re happy, it’ll help you laugh
If you’re sad, it’ll help you cry
But if you’re depressed or angry, it’ll make you wanna kick some a**
So does this mean we shouldn’t drink?
For I say its all in the mind!
Now lets drink and be merry!
Note: 3 girls spent a night drinking wine and listening to Jazz at Alexis. Sylvia Howard was performing that night. We had 2 bottles of wine.
1. Chateau Marjosse Bordeaux 2005
Very smooth finish, medium body. (RM150)
2. Goldridge Estate Marlborough Pinot Noir 2005
Medium to full body. Would have been great with food. (RM175)

First attempt at gardening – baby bok choy

Toyboy says: The idea of blogging seems like bungee jumping to me. I know about it, I think about it, but I never wanted to do it. But the problem with any idea is the fact that if it hovers around long enough, the more appealing it becomes. And of course hanging out almost every week with the “Luminaries” of the flogging community did push me over the edge. Giving a name to the blog wasn’t hard at all thanks to a dear friend, Hairy Berry. In a passing description, he gave rise to the name leCoupleToy and seeing that name we know we need no others. Many thanks to my inspirations, FatBoyBakes, Lyrical Lemongrass & Many More!

Toygirl says: The idea for blogging started when we got our DSLR. Many suggested we start a blog and since we love to drink (so much), it was suggested that we start a blog on drinks!! So after tinkering with the idea, we finally decided to do it! And not just on drinks but on our journey through life, whether its drinking, eating, partying or travelling!! And as toyboy said, many thanks to Hairy for giving us the name leCoupleToy. It was really the name that made the decision for us. 🙂 Thanks Hairy!! Otherwise, this new beginning would not have happened.


Toyboy and Toygirl