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It’s a new beginning!!

Posted on: March 17, 2009

First attempt at gardening – baby bok choy

Toyboy says: The idea of blogging seems like bungee jumping to me. I know about it, I think about it, but I never wanted to do it. But the problem with any idea is the fact that if it hovers around long enough, the more appealing it becomes. And of course hanging out almost every week with the “Luminaries” of the flogging community did push me over the edge. Giving a name to the blog wasn’t hard at all thanks to a dear friend, Hairy Berry. In a passing description, he gave rise to the name leCoupleToy and seeing that name we know we need no others. Many thanks to my inspirations, FatBoyBakes, Lyrical Lemongrass & Many More!

Toygirl says: The idea for blogging started when we got our DSLR. Many suggested we start a blog and since we love to drink (so much), it was suggested that we start a blog on drinks!! So after tinkering with the idea, we finally decided to do it! And not just on drinks but on our journey through life, whether its drinking, eating, partying or travelling!! And as toyboy said, many thanks to Hairy for giving us the name leCoupleToy. It was really the name that made the decision for us. 🙂 Thanks Hairy!! Otherwise, this new beginning would not have happened.


Toyboy and Toygirl


9 Responses to "It’s a new beginning!!"

YAY! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! You’re gonna LOVE IT!!! So excited for you guys….a step in the right direction for sure. Watch out coz it’s addictive.

Love the blog design….so professional. 🙂

It’s about time, you guys! I wouldn’t use the term alcoholics but you guys really know your drinks well. And food of course!

Am very excited about this project of yours and here’s wishing you a fantastic blogging journey ahead! I’ll be stalking this blog! ;D

And OMG, am really honoured by the choice of title for your blog. hope u like it! ;D

LL: Thanks!! You’re our inspiration you know…:)

Hairy: Definitely love the name!! And thanks for saying we’re not alcoholics…hahaha…that distinction is becoming very fine these days. :p

wahhhhhhhh, welcome welcome….

Hahahah…Was thinking ini siapa? I once wrote a piece on alcoholism for ESL. I remember the 1st line. An alcoholic is a person who:
a.)Needs a drink to get up in the morning or
b.)Needs a drink to go to bed at night.

Welcome to the blogosphere 😉

Toyboy:Thanks for reading between the lines =)

Hehe. Thank you, thank you all for a warm welcome. I shall persevere to uphold justice and freedom in my blog. =)

UL: You’re welcome =)

BRAVO! Welcome to land of le blog 😉


=) Thanks for the Welcome, Julian!

Hei… congratulations to another new “journey” together. Cheers!

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