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Girls’ Night Out

Posted on: March 19, 2009

My Girls’ Night Out
We surrounded ourselves with laughter, gossips, secrets and gripes
And these were fueled by our most joyous and saddest times
the girls spilled the beans with no holds barred
For we drank and drank like it’s a free flow bar
Drinking and B****ing
Goes hand in hand
Which is why there’s a saying in Chinese
(borrow alcohol to get rid of frustration)
It works, it’s proven
If you’re happy, it’ll help you laugh
If you’re sad, it’ll help you cry
But if you’re depressed or angry, it’ll make you wanna kick some a**
So does this mean we shouldn’t drink?
For I say its all in the mind!
Now lets drink and be merry!
Note: 3 girls spent a night drinking wine and listening to Jazz at Alexis. Sylvia Howard was performing that night. We had 2 bottles of wine.
1. Chateau Marjosse Bordeaux 2005
Very smooth finish, medium body. (RM150)
2. Goldridge Estate Marlborough Pinot Noir 2005
Medium to full body. Would have been great with food. (RM175)


3 Responses to "Girls’ Night Out"

Thanks for being a wonderful friend 🙂

Same same… 🙂


for me, it’s usually 借歌消愁..hehehe…

when? when? ;D

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