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Little Piggy Pie @ Home

Posted on: March 20, 2009

I used to go shopping with ToyGirl for groceries almost every week till one day she decided I am more of a hindrance than a help (except for the carrying part). Almost every choice of ingredients leading to a meal will be shot down by the indecisive me. So now I am left wandering around man’s toys aisle till she finishes her “suprise me (toyboy)” dinner shopping. No complaints from me as I am gratefully happy for all the good meals she served me so far. But with some minced pork left from previous purchase and I was pretty sure I didn’t want another “wanton mee” session, she had to come up with something before I start the “you’re not feeeeeing me well enough”. So with some potatoes and limited ingredients, she thought the Shepherd ought to bring the piggies to China.

Also I must add, we have limited sauces hence the China part. With the help of good ol’ Mr.Lee Kum Kee, she fried up an aromatic minced pork which I was tempted to finish it off with bread till I realised ToyGirl was mashing quite a bit of potato at the corner. Only then I realised it is to be a pie. Lets carry on with the pie! Will over hunger.

So back to surfing internet while ToyGirl continue her endeavors which was suprisingly fast for next thing I know I am back downstairs clicking the camera away at a quarter-eaten pie. Looks like I am not the only hungry one.


13 Responses to "Little Piggy Pie @ Home"

Well done, Toygirl. The pie looks so good! Looks like FBB isn’t the only baker among us. šŸ˜‰

awww…cannot compare liddat lah…mine is like main masak masak…FBB’s is to make big bucks…hehehe

*puppy dog eyes*

Awaits invite to dine with lecoupletoy šŸ˜‰

*Guffaw* Patience is a virtue.

TIS YOU! hurray:D haha.. i really had to STRAIN my Lasik-ed eyes to make out your black and white photo ler.. šŸ˜›

nice job.. keep it up!

Purposely wan!! Sumore we very the shy wan!!! =)

I want pie! When do we get invite. OR we could do another party and have a POT LUCK like I suggested the last time! šŸ˜‰

a yummy looking oriental pork pie! mr. lee kum kee must be really proud of this fusion creation. toygirl so talented hor. u lucky fella! ;D

yeah, a potluck’s fun!!! when when?? ;D

Hi hi! Mr and Mrs FOTY issit? Didn’t recognise Mr FOTY without his megawatt smile…

ToyBoy and ToyGirl – I like it. Cute. Like the both of you! šŸ™‚

Oriental sheperd’s pie eh? With pork and brinjal. Good idea! Am tired of the usual tomato-lamb combo. Will try it out to use up a bottle of black bean garlic sauce that’s been sitting in the fridge. Ready-made sauces here are soooo bland compared to what we can find back home. Must remember to stock up when we come back!

hahah looks like u guys also start blogging already?!

nice pie..i think i would have also stopped at bread n minced meat..

Allan & Nigel: PotLuck is a much better idea!! Normal dinner is going to stress ToyGirl out with MasterBakers/Radio Celebrity coming. =)

Nic: ToyGirl lucky also ma, I bring out the best in her.

GFAD: Thank you, thank you! Megawatt smile too flashy for the blog. =)

Actually we were lacking in certain ingredients therefore the subsitutions. Nothing beats local stuff!! =)

Joe: Yalah, current influences!! ToyGirl will be happy to see that comment.

you mean hindrance right?

FBB: Thanks bro!

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