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It’s a Dog’s World!

Posted on: April 4, 2009

We spoil our dog to bits. And you can see by looking at his dinner meals and my dinner meals. Even on nights where I have to placate my stomach with IndoMee Goreng, my dog is happily muching away on his plate of grilled Beef Steak sauteed with herbs from our garden.

And on nights where he is supposed to have lighter meals…

…this is what he gets.

I think dogs are getting more and more pampered by us human beings and I dare say they deserve it!! Of course, not to the degree of buying him a Harry Winston dog collar (watch Beverly Hills Chihuahua the movie). It is probably more ex than my car. Nor an LV bag to carry him around. Imagine everytime getting one for him and ToyGirl screaming for another, I think that is way beyond my mortal abilities. But bringing them tasty treats, a lovely bed, favourite toys and homecooked food are good returns for all the joy, loyalty and happiness they bring to you. So when we heard about the Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better organisation, we decided to bring Mochi to have a look (ToyGirl thought we could find him a little brother or sister).

We were trying to convince a friend to adopt this one since he was planning to get a dog for his home. Although I can’t remember the gender, it was fleecy white and playful.

This one was definitely smiling for us!

The younger puppies are sleeping away but it is understandable. Imagine being moved and examined the whole day.

All in all, I would say that it was a successful campaign (I hope it was anyway!), I saw many people bringing their new member of the family home and those who can’t, they donated to the cause and even purchased various products as charity to the dogs welfare.

So I don’t think we spoil our Mochi too much. He really deserves every bit of treats we give him for all the joy he brings to us. Check out the Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better and support the cause. Kudos to the organisers!


7 Responses to "It’s a Dog’s World!"

we have post .. yay! awww… gorgeous pups eh.. and wow.. ur dog eats better than my husband… (hahahaha.. don’t let him see or he will complain about the maggie mee.. hoho) erm, can i come over for doggie leftovers?!!

grilled steak?? wahlau eh..

Mochi doesn’t like me! 😦

C&C: Don't worry, even I'm eating IndoMee wei. Dogs diet are more refined than ours.. hehe.

Joe: Not Kobe beef la..

A&N: Mochi detect threats from alpha males… meaning your dogs or not. LOL.

your Mochi is so energetic lah. i kena licked by him so many times at your party..hehe…

great entry, lecoupletoy! it’s always good to heard of animals adoption drives! less homeless creatures. and if one cant adopt, at least can donate some money loh. cool.

Hello, I’m an earth mother! Although having shrunk and am shrinking maybe an earth…ummm…well, nymph is too sylph like for now…ummm earth…ummm earth…younger sister? 😉 NOT an alpha male 😉 Neither are any of our dogs. We’re all bitches! 😉

Nic: Like the owner! hehe.. Yah, all these adoption drives are great. There are just too many strays and abandoned pets around..

A&N: Definitely younger sis then!! On the bitches, ROFL!!!

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