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Thai Cravings @ Serai

Posted on: May 26, 2009

Went out for lunch with the USJFC and VickLyn decided to bring us to one of their favourite restaurant when they have cravings for Thai food. For the moment when I saw the signboard, I was toying with the idea that it could belong to one of our favourite blogger, Lemongrass!

Green Curry Chicken (RM 25)
Green Curry Chicken (RM 25) 

Green Curry Chicken (RM 25)

 One of the more common dish in the Thai menu, this Green Curry was a tad plain for the more hardcore ThaiFood experts such as the former National Hockey Team Skipper =) 

Butter Prawns (RM 14.40) 

Butter Prawns (RM 14.40)

Needless to describe more on this dish as long as the prawns are fresh

 Deep Fried Sotong 

Deep Fried Sotong

One of my favourite must haves, the ones here are pretty crunchy and you don’t get that hollow feeling when you chomp on it. 

Deep Fried Brinjal (RM 15) 

Deep Fried Brinjal (RM 15)

Good dish to go with a ice cold BEER! 

Steamed Siakap (RM 38) 

Steamed Siakap (RM 38)

Fresh fish with a compatible spicy and sour sauce. 

Omelette with Minced Chicken (RM 12) 

 Omelette with Minced Chicken (RM 12)

Tomyam (RM 22) 

TomYam (RM 22) 

Right amount of spice although FNHS did suggest it could do with a bit more spice.

 Serai Blend (RM 6) 

Serai Blend (RM 6) 

A good ice blended with Serai to help you to cool down.

This restaurant is nestled in a less hectic part of Shah Alam. Took me quite a bit of turns just to reach this place. In fact, if you ask me for directions, I will probably screw it up. So, there is always GoogleMap or use the GPS.


5, Jalan Sena 3/13A, 40000 Shah Alam

Tel: 03-5510 5729


6 Responses to "Thai Cravings @ Serai"

Awww. One of your faves? So sweet. I wanna try this place la. Is this the one near Giant ar?

yay! good to know that y’all are blogging (ok, food blogging..hehe) again! it’s been awhile, i’d say.

aiyoh, so many Thai food posts these days! makes me salivate long-long onli. let’s go try rama v. and this one oso!!! 😀

LL: I thought you knew that u are always one of our faves??? The one near Giant is Siriwan, this one is nearer to SIRIM that side..

Hairy: Hehehel.. you should see the backlog!! Lets go makan la, if and when you look for me lah.. LOL!!

Looks good… Now if only this wasn’t in Shah Alam. Jauh lah, beb 😛

LFB: Short drive la.. Weekend boleh la, panggil saje dan saya akan datang beb!! 🙂

Craving for the Brinjal!!!! Yumma Mumma…

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