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Simple Lunch For A Simple Day!

Posted on: May 27, 2009

I always rack my brain when it comes to lunchtime in Shah Alam. All we have outside our office are ChapFan shops which after a while does get boring. Anyway for the heck of it one day, I told wife that we are going to eat Seafood and she was like,” Just the two of us?? Makan what??”. Yalah, but can eat One good Fish and don’t have to order everything else mah. LOL.

Steamed Patin (RM 50)
Steamed Patin (RM 50)

As both wife and I don’t eat rice, we decided to have one meat, one vegetable and one GOOD fish. The Patin was highly recommended although the boss was shocked we actually ordered it especially when the fish weighs about 800 g. At least he was honest about us not being able to finish it. But in the end, we settled  the fish down to the bones.

Back to Basic Sweet & Sour Pork (RM 10)

Back to Basic Sweet & Sour Pork (RM 10)

Got one more pic of the Vege la but most Vege looks the same so no need to upload.

Choong Foong Seafood Restaurant

8 Lorong 1D, Kampung Subang, 40150 Shah Alam.

Tel: 03-7846 3253, 03-7846 2482, 03-7846 1081


9 Responses to "Simple Lunch For A Simple Day!"

Yay Choong Foong. Memorieeessss. Simple lunch indeed. 😛 I oso can eat fish and nothing else. Yum2.

Hahaha..Choong Foong is da bomb! Cheap and good food 😛 Kampung subang plenty of eats mar, but you 2 dun eat rice r? A bit susah..

LL: Yah Yah Yah!! Like you, I can just whack the fish and nothing else. We need to go back there again la.

Unka: So when are you bringing us for plenty of eats? Or now too busy already? 😛 No worries, can eat anything wan and rice is optional..

no rice cos no carbs it is? wahhh u guys work in shah alam?

no rice with tat fish is like asking me to run 10km (near to impossible, but i suppose achievable if i try to kill myself)

Come I eat the rice for you both! =P I’m your new DBKL…muahahaha!!

TNG: Must look as fit as Unka mah, so gotta lose the carbs. Hehe. Yup, office is in Shah Alam so if looking for Chinese then gotta make a drive.

LOC: Wahahaha.. especially the sauce right?

Babe: It will be our pleasure!! Hehehe, must remember to call you everytime we go Chinese!!

We should organise one of our FBBFC meetings there..a little of the beaten track for most, with the exception of Meenachi. But the food is really good and cheap. Plus they have rooms we can eat, drink and be merry in. Plus point? Definitely no corkage!

LOL! Yup, definitely no corkage!! And with more FBBFC meetings to come, so we will definitely need more venues.

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