Buzz!ng with Le Couple Toy


Posted on: May 28, 2009

Saw this on FunkyTrend website.
Buttons inspired fashion and jewellery!!!
Now I know what to do with my collection of buttons, give them to someone that can make jewellery for me!!
Unfortunately, I don’t seem to have any of these nicer looking ones.

Antique Button Bracelet

Antique Button Bracelet

Button Hairpins

Button Hairpins

Button Earrings

Button Earrings

So if anyone’s got any unwanted buttons, you know who to give them to…




5 Responses to "Buttons!!!"

Haha…I actually already had this idea to be incorporated in my jewelleries. Soon to come. =)

I like button rings…very vintage, and very nice! =D

Luv d buttons so pretty!

loved tht bracelet! so vintage!

Lynzz: Can’t wait!!! Hurry UP!!! :p

Bangsar babe, Ciki, TNG: Vintage pieces look so cute hor? And I love unique jewelleries and accesories.

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