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The world we live in

Posted on: June 8, 2009


Came across this website call TweenBots.

Such a heart warming story for a boring Monday.

If the same thing were to happen here in KL, here’s what’ll happen:

1. Robot ‘stolen’

2. Ah Sam (makcik) scolding inventor for doing nonsense instead of earning money to feed family

3. People staring at it but not do anything

4. People leading it the wrong direction (to humour themselves)

5. Children pull and drag it (parents looking on/ignoring)

D**n, I have no faith in my city.

May I never get lost and need directions.

xoxo, ToyGirl


4 Responses to "The world we live in"

I still have faith in Kay-El, cos I’ve seen its ugly faces but also its turn of beauty too. So have faith, my friends! 🙂

images of TweenBots being crushed by the on-coming traffic along the NKVE or scratched by stray dogs in Kepong come to mind. Ah Sams might think that they are voodoo dolls and will chuck them into the nearest rubbish bin. They are made of wood, right? Perfect as fuel for BBQ for that woodsy, charred satay! Hehehe…

I guess we are too caught up with the realism of things. And I don’t blame us for that because the trusting society we once know has been violated with excessive crime and it’s only human that we blindly protect ourselves from danger. Logically, we are developing as a nation that is well equipped with technology and knowledge that will make us live longer. But happier? Not without the simple sense of innocence we lost a long time ago.

Very interesting piece on Tweenbots, leCouple! Thanks for sharing!

LFB: haha…me getting a bit cynical as I age. Will try to look on the bright side. Will give you a holler when I do yah. But speaking of cynical, yah,I have faith in KayEll too. Just that it depends on which part of KL. hehe…:p

Hairy: You’ve nailed my sentiments exactly. I rememebr seeing this old man holding some papers at a junction trying to ask drivers something. No one (dared?) to roll down their windows to help. Talk about sad city life.

Hmm, I wouldn’t have coloured you two as cynical really. You’re one of the bubbly-est and cutest couples we know after all. Now, let’s sing together… let’s all look on the bright side of Life… woo hoo, woo hoo hoo hoo hoo….


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