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Kordell’s Walkathon

Posted on: July 6, 2009

About a month and a half ago, we participated in Kordell’s walkathon in our little effort of adding more fitness into our social outings besides clubbing and drinking. Yes, this was done with our Subang/USJ Club and ALL our social outings involve drinking one way or another.

Venue for walkathon was at Taman Jaya in PJ. Organised by Kordell together with the Arthritis Foundation. It was a team event, each team consisting of 4 members.

Knowing the competitive streak that we have, we made the walkathon into a competition between our two teams. Our celebrity, The National Hockey Player, even had T-Shirts made for both teams. We called ourselves The Red team and The White team. Loser team had to belanja breakfast.

Needless to say, White team WON, especially since we have the national hockey player on our team. Although Red team didn’t do so bad themselves.

Our team leader, The National Hockey Player, even had a trophy made for the winning team! Now this is dedication to the club.


4 Responses to "Kordell’s Walkathon"

Wow!! Congratulations for beating the Red team 😀

I am in the Red Team, Yin!!

so cute.. got extra tshirt ar?!

Got, can get anything printed on it just for you!! Super Hawt Chick??

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