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Where should we go to eat ah?

Posted on: July 8, 2009

ToyGirl: So, what are we having for lunch? (or dinner)

ToyBoy: Anything you want darling.

ToyGirl: But, what do you feel like eating?

Toyboy: You know what I want….

ToyGirl: Besides that…!!!

ToyBoy: Up to you la. You decide la.

 ToyGirl: Fine. Let me think…..shall we eat japanese? or chinese? hmm…do you feel like pasta? or maybe mamak? ooo…i know i know…how bout bak kut teh? (and the list goes on and on…)

And sometimes, when the decision making is getting complicated (or getting nowhere..)

ToyBoy: (frustratingly) Why don’t we just go eat at xxx restaurant then…

ToyGirl: (exasperated and wondering why didn’t he just say it in the first place?) Ok.

This is the same conversation that happens everytime (with some very minor variations). 

So one on particular weekday, the same conversation repeated. And we ended up in Klang for lunch coz ToyBoy had to visit a customer in Klang.  ToyGirl wanted to eat lala fried meehoon. ToyBoy remembered one restaurant in Klang that had a rather good one. However, when we got there, they said they don’t serve that anymore. So, we asked them what’s their specialty. They said, Oh Jian (Fried Oyster Omlette).

Fried Oyster Omelette (RM 12)

Fried Oyster Omelette (RM 12)

This is THE BEST omelette we have had in KL / Klang. Can you see the oysters? Or more importantly, can you count the oysters? The oysters were fresh and juicy. The omelette was just right. Not full of flour like the commercial hawker centers. Worth every ringgit. yummmm…

MeeHoon with Fish Curry (RM 24)

MeeHoon with Fish Curry (RM 24)

 This was another dish recommended by the tauke. The fish curry with meehoon on the side was just the way we liked it to be. Thick! And the meehoon served with the curry was not soggy. We were in heavennnn….

Barley in a Bottle (RM 3)

Barley in a Bottle (RM 3)

They sell freshly made barley and soya bean milk in a bottle.  The bottle is the size of a 750ml whiskey bottle. Could fill 3 glasses of the beer mug.

Of course, we had vegetables too. Must have a balanced meal right?

Location: Klang

Restoran Soon Tong

No.1 Jalan Rengas, Southern Park, 41200, Klang, Selangor

Tel: 03-3373 2780

p.s. second best omelette was the one at Bangkok Chinatown Mei Loong Restaurant. Oysters were even bigger!! But how often can one go to Bangkok for this? Hence, dropped to 2nd place. :p

p.p.s This restaurant doesn’t open on Sunday.


17 Responses to "Where should we go to eat ah?"

wahhhhh!!! That’s oysters are the REAL deal!! Darn…why so far one??? I nvr been to Klang laa. ..

One day we go lala at Klang okies?

LOL!! Borderline from your house also you considered far wei.. =) But never mind, will gladly got there again to eat the oysters with u!!! On Unka’s expense.. hehehe..

dammit.. i just twitterd that im starving.. now u make me wanna eat horchien.. arrrghghghgghh!

sowee.. din see the twitter mah. Will be more observant next time!! LOL!!

yeah, klang is full of good makan places. i recently explored taman berkeley. omg, so much food!!!!!!!

I do hope you will include us the next time you go exploring.. Hehehe =)

hahah the exact same conversation i have with nicole!!

but theres 1 thing she wont budge..klang bkt..shes been eating since a child and developed some phobia for it..

I think you will be looking at the same conversation for years to come!!

Damn hungry dy la now… Going this Sunday la..

Got map ah bro? .. and sis…

No need map la, showed you already but you no luck. Hehehe.. =)

NO WAY!! You have not tried the best Oh Jian in Klang until you’ve been to 小条茶餐室 Restoran Siow Tiow. Trust the Klang girl on this 😛

58, Lorong Gopeng, Off Jalan Goh Hock Huat, 41400 Klang, Selangor
Tel: 03 3342 2462

Its near Courts / the old Ocean now Billion I think.

So instead of commenting, you ought to bring us there la.. Make a date
!! =)

Um…Wheres the egg??? hahaha. Wow that is one crazy or chien! So far away! Dammit!

And you don’t have to go searching for hidden oysters..!! It is not far!! When you can run 10KM, what is another 10KM with a car?? =)

whoaa…. looks sooo delish! which part of klang?

Sounds like lines from ”Whatever” in Crazy Little Thing Called Love 🙂

But the oysters look good man! I haven’t seen you guys for a while and now that you even have a wider spread of good places to eat, let’s catch up soon yea!

Soon Wei.

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