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My childhood

Posted on: August 6, 2009

When I was a young girl of around 4 – 5 years old, I played with paper dolls such as this (I only had my first Barbie when I was 11 yrs old). We had to tear out the doll, clothes and accessories according to the perforated line. The dresses has little foldable sides that holds on to the doll. After finished dressing them up, we will make up our own stories that involves our masak-masak sets or doll house sets. We would come up with so many stories. One day we would pretend to be having a party. All dolls will be ‘dolled’ up. We would parade our dolls up and down, chat politely to each other and then leave the party and go home. Another day, we would play restaurant. Or play mommy and daddy with little babies. Or play teacher and student.

paper doll_1

Now, kids get to play the online versions of paper doll. I just played with Gisele Bundchen on PaperDoll Heaven. All I had to do was click and drag the dresses, shoes and accessories I like and drop it onto Gisele’s body. That’s it!! No story. No imaginations. But I suppose, a budding fashion stylist may use this as practice ground.

online paper doll

Sometimes, I do miss the old days. Where girls play with dolls or masak-masak sets in the garden and boys climb trees or play with mud and tadpoles. Although, truth be told, I was not the type of girl that liked to get dirty. So I only played with my dolls and masak-masak in the house or patio. And kept the boys away unless they were willing to stay clean and listen to us. *sigh* Those were the days….




10 Responses to "My childhood"

u r right! there’s no much imagination in the games children play these days. and most hours are spent on tuition and those courses to make them superchildren. that’s really not helping, me thinks. sigh.

masak2. u know, the only time we guys ever join in is when they need a husband or a father in the game! hahaha!

ya hor…now that you mention it…us females only ever need males to be husband or father….haha…

You’re well suited to the toy business, my dahling.

I bet when we were young and playing masak-masak, our elders were saying, “Bah, the youth of today! When we were young, we used to wrestle chickens. Now all they do is sit down and play with their imaginary friends!”. 🙂

Toys’ in my blood. May we always maintain our inner child to keep us young at heart. 🙂

10 years down the road…we’ll say…”wow! They used to live in the TV, now they live in our world!!!”

You sound like you’ve been watching too much TV. LOL.

bring back memoriessss … it was one of my favourite activity too 🙂 i wonder if they still sell it.

We sell it. Want some? I can mail it to you. You can dress up your inspiration board with it. ^o^

masak masak was my fav! and barbies too 😉
but then i was had to steal my sis’s cos she gets the best toys! ;p

*smiles while reminiscing*
Used to love playing with those paper dolls – sometimes “creating” clothes for them.
(… although they were quite ugly dresses considering my drawing+colouring skillz… haha…)

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