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Be Inspired…^o^

Posted on: August 12, 2009

I love reading about ‘before & after’ projects on Design Sponge. So inspiring! Makes me start imagining (and also wishing I’m not that lazy) all the things I can do to give my home that personal touch.





Doesn’t this table look like something you’d pay a few hundred bucks for?



6 Responses to "Be Inspired…^o^"

Ahhhh…operative word here’s being “lazy”. But think you’re just too busy being sociable. 🙂

oh indeed it does looks like its worth hundreds of RMs… 😉

That´s a really nice, cool coffee table 🙂 I am in the same mood here … haha and been doing a fair bit of DIY.

Ah if only I had the TIME for diy… 😛

Maybe it’d be easier for me to pick up something just as cheap during my travelling for work?

It looks like one of my wine racks!!

*slapping myself across the head* My apologies to all that commented on this post. Totally forgot to reply!! :p

ALFM: In my case, you’ve got one correct. Lazy and not knowing where or how to start on these DIY projects!! It always seem so easy on american shows.

TNG: It does! As mentioned to ALFM, if only we know how to start this..imagine the big bucks! LOL.

Lianne: Love your blog on all the whimsical things! So inspiring. 🙂

LFB: haha…you’ve already got your creative juices flowing through your blog. Leave something else for ppl like me lah. 🙂

Petrina: Hi. Thanks for visiting our blog. If I remember correctly, this metal piece was part of a fence. But it would make a lovely wine rack too. 🙂

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