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Take me home

Posted on: August 27, 2009

vintage red scale

I love all things vintage and retro.

Saw this kitchen scale by Typhoon at Robinson’s department store last night.

As I was caressing it, feeling its smooth steel surface and salivating over the vintage design, I could practically hear it whisper to me “take me home…”.  

Oh, how I had to resist the temptation.


8 Responses to "Take me home"

how much is it ahh? ;p

Its RM125.00. Kinda ex for a scale lor. If spending that much, should be getting an electronic one according to ALL our master bakers.

me too! gorgeous piece there 🙂 we are also in vintage phase and am buying more vintage looking stuff versus the usual lol … strange hor. imagine what my parents would say if they see it … they would probably say, i should not have thrown away our old stuff!

its true! they shouldn’t have thrown them away. How I wish I still have my grandma’s pots and pans, mom’s wedding gown and definitely her dresses!!

I have my grandma’s batu giling, the tumbuk, midsave etc…what I really regret not keeping is ’em old fashioned phones. You know the type with the round dialer wan…hehehe.

Very ex for a scale. There’s a huge thieves market down in Ipoh (Sundays only) where you can find loads of vintage and retro stuff! Else it’s good ‘ole jatujak in Bangkok. Can find some really good stuff there if you look hard enough!

i love it too! retro is good!

@unkaleong: Thank goodness I still have my old Bakelite round dialer phone! 😀

@LeCoupleToy: Retro good. Expensive not so good. 😛

Unka: yah..i’ve been to that market in ipoh. lots of stuff to look at. but have to really sort out the good from bad.

ciki: retro is so in now!! next will find some retro fashion to blog about. or retro art. LOL

kenny: yah…and retro usually = antique = expensive. unless good at finding bargains lor. else, its just ogling from afar…

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