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Car crazy

Posted on: September 24, 2009

Car drives past us. Toy Boy points at it and asks:

ToyBoy: “What do you think of that car?”

Toy Girl: “Huh? What car?”

ToyBoy:”That BMW Z4 that just past us? Didn’t you see it?”

ToyGirl:”Which one is that?”


ToyBoy:”That 911 Carrera that just drove past us?”

ToyGirl:”What carrera?”

Of course, by now, I know what’s a carrera and Z4. Z4 just happens to be

ToyBoy’s favorite car. But don’t ask me to tell between a Z4 and a Z3. Or even

new generation carrera and old genertion carrera. I just know, as long as

they’re nice and curvy, I like. Like the one below.

 nissan micra pink

And the one below.

My dream car.

The perfect shade of pink.

I must say, I prefer the pink on the Nissan Micra than the Audi TT.

What do you think?




6 Responses to "Car crazy"

That sure is a lot of PINK, my dear… which reminds me of the pink threesome over dinner @Robson Heights earlier this week, hehe.

Oooooo..I like pink too ! hehe… kept thinking of re-painting my Kancil pink but ohh no no non o..tht would be disastrous! LOL.

I like the top one better, cuter mahh…

LFB: pink makes my heart bloom…*hugz and smiles and kisses*

TNG: Me too. I like cute cars. hey, kancil would look great in pink. There’s one in Subang that’s a bright fuschia pink.

Ooo…the Nissan Micra is so cute in candy pink, so you babe. Haha….I quite like the Audi TT though, it leans more towards a purplish pink, i like! =)

u like the ones that are nice and curvy? or the ones that are PINK?!


tell toyboy i love the alpha romeo spider (the original)

Lynnz: haha…i think i’m getting predictable. Must stop posting pink stuff. LOL

Ciki: Both darling..BOTH!! LOl. What’s the spider? KL got ah?: :p

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