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New favorite drink

Posted on: October 5, 2009

Toyboy and I have a new fave drink. COFFEE!!

Up till now, we have not been fans of coffee because:

1. Toyboy gets nauseous from the caffeine

2. Toygirl feels agitated and excited from the caffeine

But recently, we tried the espressos at Espressamente and we have been hooked!! Of course, it helped that they serve coffee with alcohol. *Double happiness*

Pictures below are some of the drinks we had for breakfast one morning.


We highly recommend this espresso shot. Boys and girls, forget about the essence of chicken in the morning. ToyBoy felt an instant boost after downing this espresso and grappa shot.


Can’t remember what these were. Will update the post after we revisit.  

There are two Espressamente  outlets, Bangsar Village and Pavilion.  However, if you enjoy people watching the way we do, I strongly suggest the Pavilion outlet.

Till our next coffee outing…



6 Responses to "New favorite drink"

wei .. starting at noon seems so wrong.. but starting at breakfast.. well, that just down right, dog-gone SINFUL! Mwuahaahaha… we LIKEY!

“Of course, it helped that they serve coffee with alcohol.”

Of course. MUahahahHAHAHAha… 😛

Ciki: where got sinful? i can still recall us starting our parties at brunch?? with bubblies? haha… that’s why we’re good drinking buddies!!

LFB: You said it. LOL…

Ohh..*envy*..cant take coffee neither alcohol of of gast**c.

But never mind..can join Toygirl for bread! Pavillion’s got the Loaf!!

next time u come to sg, i’ll bring u to the ultimate coffee experience. well, for me la, at least..hehe. the ngu truyen vietnamese coffee! oh, btw, i also cant take coffee. i’ll get diarrhea. seriously!

TNG: yes. bread!! but now have to lay off carbs lah…having indigestion problem. 😦

Nic: maybe adding alcohol to coffee will solve your problem..*wink*

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