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The Lonely Traveller Series: Kirishima Shuzou

Posted on: October 8, 2009

It’s been ages since me a.k.a ToyBoy logged into the blog and I have been getting an earful from ToyGirl on how she is the only one doing anything.  Technically la.
Every now and then, I drive to various states in Malaysia for my work and it is always a lonely drive. The amount of time I spent on the road, I probably could drive to ChiangMai and back. And for all these long drives, I probably spent less than hour with my clients hence the lonely traveller series. With clients, it is all work and on the road, it is the 6 CDs changer for my companion. But sometimes, I do enjoy these lonely periods of solitude where your mind peaked in thoughts, ideas, memories and nothingness. I reckon I solved half my problems during these periods not to mention half the world problems except that I can never memorise it so till another drive then. The only consolation on the road are the ignorant insects which splattered across my windscreen making me think I am making the world a better place to live in. MUAHAHAHAHAHA. I am not evil.
Well, there is always the meal at the end of the drive to think about. I always tell myself to treat myself well after every long drive. And I always do. This time round my last stop is in Johor Baru and this time round, the drive has been really really long. At least 6 hours long. That deserves my comfort food and drink, Japanese.
Into Kirishima Shuzou, the only Chinese Speaking Japanese restaurant I know. This time round, a young part time Chinese waitress greeted me and me being me, I sometimes plead ignorance to the Chinese language for the fear of anyone engaging me on a long lengthy I-Don’t-Really-Care conversation after my long drives. So being abrupt, I sat down at my favourite corner hidden from the main floor, I mouthed my favourites without looking at the menu. “Bring the Hot Sake first, then a Teppan Gyu Tan and a Chawan Mushi. For the Main, give me a TenZaru Soba and also some ToriKawa”. All these are spoken in a carefully viled Chinese accent as not to give myself away. I thought I did good. Then waitress looked at me and asked, “Do you know GyuTan is Cow Tongue and ToriKawa is Chicken Skin?”. And this she is asking a customer that just recited everything without the menu. I should have acted suprise and go “Eeeerrr, how can you all serve such things???”.
Back to the food.
Chawan Mushi (RM 8) Hot Sake (RM 28)

Chawan Mushi (RM 8 ) Hot Sake (RM 28)

For all the nonsense I spouted, the food here is really good and reasonably priced. Nothing relaxes you better than a good bottle of hot Sake after a long day. And starting off with the Chawan Mushi, a relaxing dish to swallow with almost no effort yet every spoonful is a delight.
Teppanyaki Gyu Tan - RM 18

Teppanyaki Gyu Tan - RM 18

Another favourite of mine, the thinly sliced GyuTan with Teppan Sauce requires a bit of chewing, just a bit. Tender and it satisfied the meat craving in me. Felt a bit savage after a long drive and demanding clients.
Ten Zaru Soba (RM 16)
Ten Zaru Soba (RM 16)

To me, a Japanese restaurant in Malaysia must be able to serve a mean bowl of Cold Soba before expecting my patronage as it is one of my favourite Comfort Food. Soba must be ice cold and slightly chewy. And also with Tempura on the side. The sauce must include wasabi, chopped spring onions, a quail egg and tempura bits.

And this completes my journey.
Kirishima Shuzou Japanese Restaurant
117 Jalan Tebrau,
80250 Johor Baru, Johor.
Tel: 07-2762838
Fax: 07-2761665
p.s: All stated in this post are based on my personal experiences, knowledges, ignorances and thoughts. All grammar mistakes are based on a period of misspent youth thinking English is easy. All can be forgiven.  

10 Responses to "The Lonely Traveller Series: Kirishima Shuzou"

how come i dont c any chicken skin pictures? hahaha

It came so fast, I ate too fast so forgot about the picture!! Hehehe =)

woah, come jb oso nvr visit me in sg. cis. lol!

Cis, manyak Jam la itu Woodlands. Next time next time!! (yah right).. hehe 😉

Cold Soba is the benchmark at which I rate my jap restaurants as well. Good soy sauce is key 😉

the man after my own taste 😉

for me, good jap must have .. tuna belly! woohoo.. TORO TORO! 😛

for me also but only when my good friend “Wallet” permits! 😉

Chawanmushi is also a good gauge of quality in a Jap restaurant..Forgive me…me love mahh eggss!

And yea.. hi Alan! Long time no c!! ;p

for me too!!! Just had one of the most amazing Chawan Mushi with Crab Sauce yesterday at Hanazen..

Yup Yup, long time no see 😉

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