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Amazing Thailand

Posted on: November 10, 2009

Sawasdee Kaa!!!

We were in Bangkok recently for my 31st birthday. This is a short post of our transportation which I found absolutely amazing!

We started off trying to hail2 tuk-tuks from our hotel, but only managed to come across one. The tuk-tuk driver very generously offered to take ALL 6 OF US into his tiny 3 wheeled vehicle. So since, he seemed so confident, we hopped on. Anything to save that few bahts right? Every 10 baht saved is another 10 baht for shopping I say.

tuk-tuk ride

All 6 of us squeezed into a tuk-tuk for 40 Baht. No mishaps. Everyone survived.

Taxi ride

The tuk-tuk experience made us feel kinda brave. So we did the same stunt with a cab. And again, the driver said ok. So, before he could change his mind, we hopped into the cab. Can’t remember how much we paid for this ride. In case you were counting, Vick was our camera man in the shot sitting in the front seat.

Gotta love Bangkok/Thailand. Amazing!! 

Of course, stay tuned for more posts on the rest of our Bangkok trip.



6 Responses to "Amazing Thailand"

Amazing! 6 ppl in 1 tuk tuk.
(Those things are so frightening though – Almost got a heart attack the last time I was in one…)

You’re 31? Don’t look a day older than 25 lah! What’s your secret?

Looks like a fantastic celebration in my favourite city. Personally, my record for amount of people on a tuk tuk is 8. *ROFL*

Every time the driver started the engine and revved the throttle, we wre on two wheels!

absolutely LOVE bkk!

oh yar, i forgot, kindly update my link to TQ!

J: How can u not love riding the tuk-tuk? the way the driver weaves past all the cars is simply exhilarating. And not to mention that blast of ‘fresh’ exhaust fumes hitting us on the face. LOL. Yah, tuk-tuks are something to be tolerated, not necessarily enjoyed.

qwazymonkey: lots of tofu and tomatoes does the trick. Been eating those since I was a babe. Works wonders itelyu.

unka: 2 wheels!! thank goodness haven’t experienced that yet! LOL.

ciki: BKK may well be my second home if I have my way. :))

Merry Christmas and happy new year babes..see you in 2010!! muaks!

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