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Baking frenzy

Posted on: January 16, 2010

For the past week, I’ve been doing quite a bit of baking. Baked three types of biscuits. Well, more like, baked two types, the last one’s still in the refrigerator chilling. Coz I’ve run out of containers to keep the biscuits.

When it comes to baking, I love baking biscuits coz I LOVE eating biscuits and ONLY the imported kinds. Which is becoming a bit of an expensive ‘addiction’. So baking’s the best way to go. I get more for every ringgit spent. Must be frugal a bit lah, so that I can spend more on…erm…clothes? hahaha

First bake was a dog biscuit which I’ve sold to my first customer (woo hoo!!).

Chicken & Rosemary Biscuit – 200gm for RM25.

Ingredients are fresh chicken breast, flax seed, rye flour, olive oil and chicken broth

I use rye flour, which is a wheat free and gluten free flour coz my dog has skin allergies. Last year, when I started baking dog treats for him using plain flour or wholemeal flour, his skin turned red with rashes! Had to bring him to the vet to get it treated. The poor thing. So now I’m a lot more careful with what I feed my dog.

I’ve been dabbling in baking my own dog treats. Kinda like a new hobby that hopefully can become a money earner for me. However, I’ve also been rather inconsistent. Sometimes bake. Often times, too lazy. Hence, nothing’s come of it. :p

Second bake was a White Cheddar Shortbread.

This is a recipe that I got from a blog called Vegetable Matter . These turned out rather good. VERY RICH. So rich that every piece I munch on makes me feel like I’m putting on kilos!! And unfortunately, ToyBoy isn’t too keen on all that cheese. So I’ve been eating them alone.

Third bake was chocholate chocolate chip cookies. I love chocolate. Especially chocolate chip cookies made with quality chocolate that are rich and not too sweet. Will post this up once I’ve baked them. Which is after I buy some new containers. ^0^

Have a good weekend everyone.




4 Responses to "Baking frenzy"

oh, ur such a clever cookie toy girl!

btw, was gonna ask if the White Cheddar Shortbread was a special low sodium formula for your dog too.. then i read that toyboy ate it.. haha:P

(ur dog biscuits look yummie enuf for human consumption btw)

If Toyboy had told me about us meeting up last Saturday, I would have brought the shortbread out for you guys lah. Hopefully still taste fresh by this Saturday. If not, I bring something else. :))

Chicken & Rosemary Biscuit, I wanna try!

Serious! It can be poisonous so its safe fr human consumption rite?
Bring some to Unka’s house tis Sat! I’ll buy!

Wei..the chicken and rosemary biscuit is for dogs lah. I’ll bring something else. See you soon.

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