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Anyone that knows us, knows we love to drink.

Before you get any ideas, WE ARE NOT ALCOHOLICS!!!

We just love our drinks. And we drink almost everything. Our favorite drinks inlcude Single Malt Whiskey, Sake, Wine, Champagne/Bubblies, Tequila, Cocktails…you get the idea.

We love the first taste of a good drink, the first buzz from a good drink and the immediate relaxation from a good drink.

I have met many people that frown on us for putting so much joy in drinking. But shame/pity on them for not being able to enjoy this liquid that gives us so much joy and happiness. To us, this is part of life. To be able to enjoy everything in life. Not just the healthy stuff, but also the slightly less healthy.

Hey, research does show that a glass a day is what’s keeping the italians alive till well over 100!

So drink up I say. And just enjoy life! Work hard, party hard, and drink. 🙂





Today is 立春 Lap Chun, the first day of spring. Happy Chinese New Year!!

From google, I found that today we should wear red to bring good luck and try to bank in some money to have money keep pouring in. Oh, and today is also an excellent day for Loh Sang 捞生so we can be Sang Sang Mang Mang 生生猛猛.

On a separate note…

Whilst shopping for CNY flowers, I came across this plant which looks rather odd. So I did some googling.

This plant is named Solanum Mammosum, from South America. It is a very auspicious plant which Chinese use as offering on the altar or as decorations during CNY. Its chinese name is 五代同堂 which means Five Generations Under One Roof. This is the wish of all elders in Chinese culture. To have all children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren live together under one roof means longevity for the elders as they are able to see their grand and great-grand children grow up. 

This plant does have some more common names which are Nipple Plant, Cow’s Udder, Titty Fruit and even Fox Face (to the Japanese only). Hence the popularity during the year of Ox.

Although this fruit is from the same family as potato and tomato plant, it is not edible. The entire plant is poisonous.

Now, should I get some for my house? But then again, I wouldn’t want to encourage any elders asking me about having children, do I?