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Yum Seng

Posted on: February 23, 2010

Anyone that knows us, knows we love to drink.

Before you get any ideas, WE ARE NOT ALCOHOLICS!!!

We just love our drinks. And we drink almost everything. Our favorite drinks inlcude Single Malt Whiskey, Sake, Wine, Champagne/Bubblies, Tequila, Cocktails…you get the idea.

We love the first taste of a good drink, the first buzz from a good drink and the immediate relaxation from a good drink.

I have met many people that frown on us for putting so much joy in drinking. But shame/pity on them for not being able to enjoy this liquid that gives us so much joy and happiness. To us, this is part of life. To be able to enjoy everything in life. Not just the healthy stuff, but also the slightly less healthy.

Hey, research does show that a glass a day is what’s keeping the italians alive till well over 100!

So drink up I say. And just enjoy life! Work hard, party hard, and drink. 🙂





6 Responses to "Yum Seng"

yea… alcoholic! (burp**)

haha, join mah club:P

Yummmmmmmm seng! 🙂


No, you’re not alcoholics.

not alcoholic? Mwahahahahah! I’m a saint then!

ciki: where have you been? haven’t minum with you in a while!!

J: Yeah! Cheers!!

TNG: Happy CNY to you too!

Lemongrass: Glad you agree. ^0^

Munkey: hahaha….you’re definitely a saint. hmm..what does that make us?

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