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Art Class

Posted on: March 2, 2010

Yes! I’ve started taking art classes.

This has been a dream/hobby of mine. To take up drawing and painting again. I was an arts stream student in high school. And as a kid, I really enjoyed drawing and painting. As an adult, I enjoy looking at paintings and visiting exhibitions wishing I can paint as well as the featured artists.

So after many many months of debating whether I have the ‘talent’ to paint and draw, I finally got my ass off the couch enough to start looking for an art class.

When I finally found one, goodness me. Its not cheap. And its not easy finding an art center that has adult classes. Most art centers are for schooling children. The fact that he teaches mostly expat adults and ‘rich politicians’ wifes’ is enought of an indication of his fees huh?  So how much is the class? Its a whopping RM120 for every 2 hour class. So to ease my wallet a bit, I’m only doing this twice a month. The rest of the time, will have to rely on myself. Thank goodness for internet. I found so many sites with online tutorials.

These are some art that I’ve found online which is going keep me motivated. And you’ll notice they’re all very childlike type of paintings. Life is realistic enough that we all need some childishness to remind us of those carefree days right?

This is a painting by Kathy R Jeffords. Her art cottage is called The Dreamy Giraffe. I must admit, it was the name Dreamy Giraffe which caught my eye as I used to be called Giraffe (due to my very long neck and late bloomer  body). And I was very dreamy as a child. All my teachers used to say I have my head stuck in a cloud. ALL THE TIME! :p

This painting is by an artist that calls herself Dahlias By Design. She sells her work on Etsy.  

Back to the drawing board now. Have a good week ahead.




4 Responses to "Art Class"

Never too late to start. I admire you for your determination. Looking forward to Christmas pressies this year. 😀

for a minute there i thot u drew it ! i really cannot w8 to see ur work. is it just canvas or got pottery etc too?

LL: *beams* thank you. as for christmas pressies, we shall see how far my skills develop. :p

Ciki: haha…i wish i could paint that too. its just sketching and painting on paper at the moment. will definitely move on to acrylic on canvas when my teacher thinks I’m ready.

Online tutorials work, eh? Care to share some good sites? I’m interested in water color but have difficulty learning the technique ler. Thanks! And yes, please do share your artwork whenever you have the inclination to do so.. 🙂

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