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Growing Old

Posted on: March 4, 2010

I was reading this blog by Joy The Baker where she was talking about growing old as in pushing the nineties. She was asking her readers to picture themselves in their old age. What they would be doing…that sorta thing.

So the day-dreamer me immediately went to work. And this is what I pictured.

Me and ToyBoy living in a cottage type of house with lots of land space for a lush garden. The house has a patio with a swing. I love swings. And also a table with 4 chairs that we sit on to sip our teas, whiskeys, and wines.

We’re playing with our dogs while enjoying the cool breeze and listening to the Jazz music playing through the expensive high tech speakers that are wired all over the house.

The house has got lots of vintage design touches. But it also has lots of high tech gadgets (for our convenience) that are placed in such a way that it doesn’t disrupt the flow of the vintage design.  

We will spend our days going to the supermarket, buying groceries, sitting in the sun room, napping, drinking wine, having friends over, cooking dinner (done by the help of course) for ourselves and our friends, painting, drawing…

Rrrrrriinnngggg!!!!!!!!! the phone rings…back to reality.




5 Responses to "Growing Old"

so lovely! yes, i can picture you guys doing that too.. really picture perfect i tell ya!

now, if i were to day dream, me and cumi would be traveling the world, rushing from city to city.. but also wine, whisky and food nearby all the time!

rush rush.. hurry hurry lover come to me.. paula abdul (that’s more like the pace of our mad hatter life!)

what? no sex? or alcohol?

haha got alcohol la jon 😛
this is cool; u’ve got me dreamin too…. but it’s so far away *paranoid* >.<

Sighs… I am a-wishin’ about the good old days too… as in when I am old lah. Good or not, I dunno. 😛

Ciki: Yes. I can sooo see you doing that with cumi. LOL.

ALFM: hahaha…sex…at that age? didn’t even cross my mind. but where can no alcohol? speed reading ah u?

Su: hahah…i dun see anything to be paranoid bout. dreaming’s nice when there’s so much going on isn’t it?

LFB: If we plan for it, sure good wan. Right?

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