Buzz!ng with Le Couple Toy

Nature’s Alarm Clock

Posted on: March 20, 2010

Most morning, at 8am sharp, 2 birds will come knocking at our bedroom window. Like woodpeckers.

The first time it happened, scared the hell out of us and my dog Mochi. We jumped out of bed and looked around frantically wondering where that sound was coming from. Once we found the source of it, it became rather funny. We had to keep Mochi quiet so the birdies don’t get scared and fly away.

Birds outside our window

Birds ourside our window

Picture’s a bit blurry coz it was shot through the window.

We believe their nest is somewhere above our windows and every morning, before they leave for ‘work’, they knock on our window to say hi.  And I’ll (ToyBoy’s usually too lazy) get up and wave hi back to them.




6 Responses to "Nature’s Alarm Clock"

Haha… So cute lah! 🙂

Sweet! 🙂 and a good sign too.
You must device a plan to get some 4D numbers from them! 🙂

So. Totally. Cute.

Like Le Couple Toy. Maybe this is Le Couple Birds? Hehe.

J: yes. and so sweet too!! 🙂

Nic: yah. I agree. The house were stayed at in Hartamas (before moving to USJ) also had a bird’s nest. Such a coincidence hor?

LFB: hahah…nah…dun wan to name them. Naming makes them personal. Then I’ll cry when they dun come back. :p

Considered lucky to have a bird building a nest in your house 😉

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