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Guiness Chocolate Cake

Posted on: June 3, 2010

Last week, I had the itch to bake something and ToyBoy wanted a chocolate cake. So I searched through Nigella Lawson’s website. I always use her website when I want a recipe. I’ve tried several and they always work. Plus point for amateur bakers like me. I’ve tried various baking recipes from different websites and 7 out of 10 of them turn out bad.

The entire mixing of the batter was done in a deep pan on the stove with almost one can of guiness (which I finished off). I must say, guiness is definitely not my favourite drink. But the guiness chocolate cake, turned out VERY moist and fluffy with hardly any hint of guiness in it but also very crumbly.   

This cake may be decorated with cream cheese frosting. But I didn’t bother with it. You can find the recipe here. It was a huge cake (23cm round cake) that took us an entire week to finish. I ended up eating it for breakfast, lunch, tea and supper. ToyBoy only ate it for a few days. That’s why took me so long to finish!! Definitely not craving for another cake after this one.





4 Responses to "Guiness Chocolate Cake"

ooohhh, looks like Guinness chocolate cake’s the flava of the season. i promised myself to bake one but the weekends seem so short these days. so, i had some creamy, solid pints at Finnegan’s instead..hehe.

looks good lah. cook more, blog more! ^_^

Aiya, next time cannot finish, share some with me & Devil la… 😉

Nic: haha…i know..i know..guilty as charged. really should blog more. but sometimes really just plain lazy lor. btw, i dreamt you came back for the weekend and didn’t look for us. :p

LFB: haha…i was thinking of giving half the cake away…but it didn’t look good enuff to be shared mah. so i tot next time lor. the cake was so crumbly, everytime cut it, sure break apart wan. how to share? :p

Wah…looks so moist! Can give Ah Pa’s one a run for his money. I agree with Nic, bake more, blog more!

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