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Its been a while

Posted on: September 29, 2010

Life’s been really hectic recently with many things going on at the same time. I suppose the past few years have beenhoneymoon years for me in terms of work. Business was really steady, so much so that it didn’t really require my constant focus and attention. However, all that changed in the span of a few days! Now, I barely have enough time for myself to do all the things I that I started doing early this year.

Beginning of the year, I started Qi Gong classes. My Qi Gong master is an American based master that comes to KL every 2 months. The last time he came, I only managed to see him twice! And don’t even talk about practising on my own. By the time I get home, I’m too tired to do anything but cook dinner and watch TV. I know I know…i could have used the TV time to practice Qi Gong. But….

Then, almost around the same time, I started Gu Zheng lessons. I’ve always wanted to learn. But not enough will power to push me to find out more. Serendipitiously, my Qi Gong master plays Gu Zheng, AND he had a second hand Gu Zheng from one of his students laying around. He offered it to me REEAAAALLL cheap and brought me to see his teacher immediately. How to refuse? Its almost like its fated. SO I did 3 months of Gu Zheng lessons….NOW have stopped classes for almost 3 months. And to make matters worse, I haven’t been practising at home! I can just hear my teacher going tsk tsk tsk…

3 more months till the end of year 2010. Time flies. Keeping my fingers crossed that the next 3 months things will be flowing smoothly.

xoxo ToyGirl


1 Response to "Its been a while"

Wow, you know QiGong and GuZheng, next time show us show us.
I have long long time nvr seen people plays GuZheng.

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