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Julie & Julia

Posted on: March 3, 2011

I finally saw the movie Julie & Julia on Astro last night. Can you believe it, I’ve never heard of this movie nor book before seeing the movie last night. Where have I been?

Needless to say, I loved the movie!! Such a warm adorable story.

So, today I did some googling on Julie Powell. Read thru her blogs and other stuff that google came up with, and I love her answer to a question in an interview she did for The Drinking Diaries,

What do you like most about drinking?

I use drinking as anesthetic and balm. Nothing seems unbearable after the first few glasses of wine. Except not having another.

I felt like putting my hands up and shouting “Totally agree…me too!”




2 Responses to "Julie & Julia"

Yeaps – I love this movie too, especially the chemistry between Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci as husband and wife. But as some bloggers have suggested, it would be nice if we could just have a DVD version with ONLY the Julia bits (skipping the dreary, whiny Julie bits).

As much as I love Amy Adams as an actress, Julie’s side of the story here just didn’t cut it for me. All Hail Meryl/Julia! 😀

LFB: Yes! Totally agree about the Julie character! She was just so whiny and sulky like a child right? And quite different from the real Julie Powell that swears throughout her blog. But I think without the Julie bits in the movie, it wouldn’t have been so fun. Meryl Streep was endearing whilst Amy Adams was cute. Love love love this movie!!

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