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Our House

Posted on: April 7, 2012

Hi there. Its been a while since I’ve updated this blog. Was going to say its a new year and a new start, but its April already. Anyway, just thought it’ll be nice to revive this again. 

We’ve moved into our own house. Finally. Started renovations last year. Moved in right before Christmas 2011. Maybe I’ll post some pictures one day. Not now. Now, I’m still coming to terms with certain problems with the house. Haven’t quite fallen in love with my house just yet. Plus also kinda angry at the architect and contractor for the delay, lousy workmanship and lack of professionalism. Ok. No more negativity. All the griping and moaning aside, we are very comfortable in our house. So comfortable that I’ve turned a hermit. I just want to stay at home! After work, weekends, sometimes even in the mornings. :p

When we were designing the kitchen, I made sure it is roomy, has enough space for all my kitchen gadgets and AN OVEN! I love to cook and bake!! For our house warming present, I requested for a KitchenAid mixer and I’ve named it Daisy courtesy of the creamy yellow color. This gift was a very thoughtful gesture by our very loving friends. We love our friends to bits! So yeah, I’m baking whenever I have nothing better to do. Some turns out great and some…not so great. Oh well…its a learning process. :p

So, next post will have pictures. Just need to learn how to download pictures from camera to laptop. This is the problem of relying on toyboy to do all the techie work. My bad. 





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