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My Daily Reads – Part 1

Posted on: May 8, 2012

I love surfing internet reading all sorts of blogs, especially crafty blogs and cooking blogs. They inspire me. They make me wanna be creative. They make me wish I was more creative.

Some of my favourite blogs are:

www.joythebaker – she makes baking looks so easy! plus her writing style just cracks me up. Her recipes are also super easy to follow. – this is a lifestyle blogger from Perth. She blogs about her family life, her fashion(able) events and her social activities. Its a joy reading about her life. Only 34 years old, she is a real yummy mummy with a hectic and active social life. Someone that I’d like to be if I ever decide to be a mummy. – This is a beauty blogger from Singapore. I love anything to do with beauty. Be it cosmetics, skin care or food. She updates her blog really regularly so I always have something new to read. Her writing is also pretty reliable with well researched info. This blog is my go to if I want to find out about certain beauty products or needed some info. – This is a blog that I just like to read for fun. I have never prepared any of her recipes. Can’t think of a reason why not. Just haven’t had any inclination to do it so far. But I still read it everyday. Maybe its the way she writes. Each recipe comes with a story related to either a member of her family or a close friend. Food should be that way. I believe. – I started reading her blog when I chanced upon her selling her handmade jewellery at a bazaar and have been a loyal follower eversince. She blogs about things that I love…whimsical, dreamy things. Things that makes you feel like you’re floating on cloud nine. Her blog is the one that usually leads me astray to many many other similar blogs and the surfing begins. :p – Love the crafiness of this blogger. She creates cards to tell on Etsy and posts up some DIY craft that I drool over everytime. Some are easy to follow. Some not so. I still haven’t tried any of it yet. But have pinned a few on pinterest. – This is my latest addiction! I say addiction because that’s what it is. I scout the web for interesting pictures that I think may ignite someone’s interest to repin my pins. I feel elated! Its almost become a personal challenge to find pictures / subjects that will generate the more repins. Hi my name is ToyGirl. I am a pinterest addict. Yes I am.

So, these are just some of my daily clicks. There’s still plenty more. I’ve got a favorites folder full of other websites and blogs that I read every now and then. Life’s too short to be sitting in front of the pc / laptop surfing internet right? Then again, same can be said for watching television. Lets just say I’m lazy. Period.


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