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After that day

Posted on: June 16, 2012

Its been a week since the accident happened.

I was very nervous about driving at first. Still cried the day after. Was super nervous everytime a motorcycle drives past me. My eyes will dart left and right to watch if there’s a motorcycle coming up from behind. Its very, very tiring.

Now, things are more or less back to normal. I am able to drive without fretting too much. Not so scared about being on my own or going out on my own.

My mind has also stopped looping the same scene over and over and over….in fact, I consider it an improvement when my imagination made me into the hero. I imagined that I leapt out of my car, stick / weapon in hand, did a flying kick into the robbers and land with my feet on their chest pressing them down (cue anime scenario, me in my sailormoon type of uniform and my hair blowing out behind me).  Lol…this day dreaming sure beats the sad and negative ones where the scene always end up with me injured badly. So I’m cherishing this positive image.

On another positive note, ToyBoy is feeling a bit paranoid about my car and my safety. So I’m getting a new car! *double yay* Now we just have to decide on the car. I’m extremely fussy about the car I drive. Still can’t decide which car I want. I’m actually looking forward to driving a new car that wouldn’t remind me of my experience. Everytime I drive, I look at the window screen and I will remember what happened.

Till then…





2 Responses to "After that day"

Wow new car! You hubby so sayang you! Envying….. 😛


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