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Banana Cake

Posted on: July 31, 2012

ToyBoy frequently travels outstation for work and he always buys some local delicacy back for me, such as tau sa peah from Butterworth (it tastes much much better than the popular Penang Island ones), or otak-otak from Muar, or freshly made fishball from Yong Peng. This trip, he came back with bananas so I made banana cake which is his absolute favourite cake.

I Googled for a recipe and found one by Amy Beh on

This recipe allowed me to try whisking egg whites till stiff. Yah I know I know…you must be thinking what?? I like to bake but have never whisked egg whites??? :p

I chose to try this recipe out of the rest that Google generated mainly because the ingredients are what I have on hand. Some recipes call for dry milk powder and some called for condensed milk.

ToyBoy’s verdict: Yummy!

But honestly, the cake is just a little too crumbly. May be the egg whites not whisked till stiff enough. It actually became a bit runny after I’ve added it to the batter. Is it supposed to do that? Will definitely try this recipe again. Next time, I’ll use 1 1/2 cups of mashed bananas instead of 1 cup.

Supper time!!







2 Responses to "Banana Cake"

Next time make some for us lah! 😛

Definitely. ToyBoy say he will buy back Pisang Emas next time. And I just bought a new mini loaf cake pan. Will definitely give you some. 🙂

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