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My 34th Birthday + Bleeding Love

Posted on: November 3, 2012

This year, ToyBoy decided to cook me a seafood feast! So we took half the day off on my birthday and went to our favourite grocer NSK Hypermarket at Kuchai Lama. NSK is simply the most amazing supermarket which warrants another post on its own.

Anyway, we came back with 2 mud crabs, 2 hairy crabs, 1 coral trout and half kilo of tiger prawns. All for ~ RM100 only!

Its hairy crab season now and ToyBoy absolutely loves it for the crab roe. Lucky for him, when we got to NSK, a fresh batch of hairy crabs just got delivered. I could practically see him jumping for joy like a 3 three old when given a lollipop…hehehe…

I on the other hand, am not a fan of hairy crab because I don’t eat crab roe. So the mud crabs are for me, whilst the hairy crabs are for him. So fair hor?

Unfortunately, my pictures did not do any justice to ToyBoy’s hardwork. The only way to save the pictures was to make it into a collage. 😦  Haigh…..if only can stop my hands from shaking….

Oh, and why bleeding love? That’s because throughout the course of preparing this meal, ToyBoy had his thumb clamped by the crab’s claw (when I wanted him to pose for a photo with the crab), his third finger cut when he toppled a bottle and it broke, and his feet cut (slightly) when he stepped on a piece of broken glass. My poor husband. Luckily the meal turned out superb, so all that effort, sweat and blood was not wasted.

Love you darling!!




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