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Holiday in Perth

Posted on: November 12, 2012

We went to Perth recently for a long weekend at the end of September. It was a short 5 days trip and we experienced freezing cold from the day we arrived to hot and sunny days towards the end. But I still love the cold in Australia. When its not raining and the sun is out, it is a joy to just sit in the sun with our sunnies and sunblock on without breaking a sweat. 🙂

Our first day, Toyboy and I had work to attend to. So our holiday officially started on the second day. Also, the first night in Perth, we were all konked out by 10pm latest. Toyboy was the first to hit the sack at 8pm. This was all thanks to Air Asia’s flight! flight took off at 11.55pm. You would think with a 5 hours flight, we would all arrive fresh and rested. But NO. Not when its a budget airline and they NEED to conduct their food service followed by the duty free sales service. And they insist on waking you up just to ask if you need a cup of tea / coffee. 😦 So Toyboy and I arrived in Perth terribly exhausted and yet had to attend to work for a whole day. Thank goodness we both managed to last throughout the day. Can you imagine us nodding off during meeting and discussion??                        *totally embarrassed*

The second day everyone woke up fresh and ready to see more of Perth! yay! We took the ferry to Fremantle. The #1 thing on our to do list in Perth was to eat OYSTERS! Believe me…we ate oysters every chance we got!  Our host suggested ferry to Fremantle so we get to take in the scenes. I totally fell in love wit the beyooootiful skyline. So blue! and Clean!

I could just lie on the grass and stare up at the sky all day long.

At night we were joined by 2 more friends from Melbourne and we had a typical Aussie style barbecue.

Bar hopping at night.

This is our third day. On the way to Swan Valley for some wine tasting at Sandalford Winery. None of us were too impressed with the wine tasting menu, so didn’t buy anything. Plus, we were all just too hungry for food and a little hungover from the night before…me thinks :p

After the wine tasting, we went to Elmar’s in the Valley. Its a micro-brewery with a huge garden. They are famous for their pork knuckle like all pork and beer place. We sat and ate like proper adults at the tables on the patio but the sun and green grass lured us. Lucky us, the sun came out and we were able to enjoy the sun considering how cold it was the day before. We ordered desert and it was even served to us out on the lawn. I.Love.Picnics. ♥ 

Did I mention I love picnics? This is on our fourth day. The temperature was near 30C and with nothing planned, we went for a picnic at King’s Park. Oh…how I wish we can do that here in Msia. To be able to picnic without mosquitoes attacking from all corners. To be able to bring our dog for picnics. To be able to enjoy the clear blue sky.

Our last day we went to the Royal Perth Show. hehehe…so lucky that it coincided with our trip. I came back with a Hello Kitty loot bag. I knew I took a picture of it, but can’t find it anywhere. :p

Being the vain-pot that I am, I look at every mirror that I walk past. So its super cool that the apartment we stayed in, had mirrors as doors to the elevator. This is me doing a Karen Cheng pose. :p

Can’t wait to go back to Perth for another short holiday. Its great that its only 5 hours away. Lets hope we can do without the Air Asia flight next time *fingers crossed*




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