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I love surfing internet reading all sorts of blogs, especially crafty blogs and cooking blogs. They inspire me. They make me wanna be creative. They make me wish I was more creative.

Some of my favourite blogs are:

www.joythebaker – she makes baking looks so easy! plus her writing style just cracks me up. Her recipes are also super easy to follow. – this is a lifestyle blogger from Perth. She blogs about her family life, her fashion(able) events and her social activities. Its a joy reading about her life. Only 34 years old, she is a real yummy mummy with a hectic and active social life. Someone that I’d like to be if I ever decide to be a mummy. – This is a beauty blogger from Singapore. I love anything to do with beauty. Be it cosmetics, skin care or food. She updates her blog really regularly so I always have something new to read. Her writing is also pretty reliable with well researched info. This blog is my go to if I want to find out about certain beauty products or needed some info. – This is a blog that I just like to read for fun. I have never prepared any of her recipes. Can’t think of a reason why not. Just haven’t had any inclination to do it so far. But I still read it everyday. Maybe its the way she writes. Each recipe comes with a story related to either a member of her family or a close friend. Food should be that way. I believe. – I started reading her blog when I chanced upon her selling her handmade jewellery at a bazaar and have been a loyal follower eversince. She blogs about things that I love…whimsical, dreamy things. Things that makes you feel like you’re floating on cloud nine. Her blog is the one that usually leads me astray to many many other similar blogs and the surfing begins. :p – Love the crafiness of this blogger. She creates cards to tell on Etsy and posts up some DIY craft that I drool over everytime. Some are easy to follow. Some not so. I still haven’t tried any of it yet. But have pinned a few on pinterest. – This is my latest addiction! I say addiction because that’s what it is. I scout the web for interesting pictures that I think may ignite someone’s interest to repin my pins. I feel elated! Its almost become a personal challenge to find pictures / subjects that will generate the more repins. Hi my name is ToyGirl. I am a pinterest addict. Yes I am.

So, these are just some of my daily clicks. There’s still plenty more. I’ve got a favorites folder full of other websites and blogs that I read every now and then. Life’s too short to be sitting in front of the pc / laptop surfing internet right? Then again, same can be said for watching television. Lets just say I’m lazy. Period.


I finally saw the movie Julie & Julia on Astro last night. Can you believe it, I’ve never heard of this movie nor book before seeing the movie last night. Where have I been?

Needless to say, I loved the movie!! Such a warm adorable story.

So, today I did some googling on Julie Powell. Read thru her blogs and other stuff that google came up with, and I love her answer to a question in an interview she did for The Drinking Diaries,

What do you like most about drinking?

I use drinking as anesthetic and balm. Nothing seems unbearable after the first few glasses of wine. Except not having another.

I felt like putting my hands up and shouting “Totally agree…me too!”



I love eating chap fan, simply because there are so many varieties to choose from. Like this blog title says, Variety is the SPICE OF LIFE. I’m the kind of girl that likes adventures and excitement. I don’t like to stay in one place too long. I get bored very easily.

A while back I asked Lyrical Lemongrass about her perfect weekend, her answer was sweet and simple. However, when I thought about it, my perfect weekend got a liiitle bit complicated. I have not one but several ways I like to spend my weekends.

On days when I feel like pampering myself, I will book my facial, mani, pedi and/or wax treatments (which have all been paid in advance), and go from one to the next. This is what I call my me time. Best of all is that I get all these done without spending (don’t count the pre-paid lah. Its already paid for. :p). Go home in the late afternoon, all shiny and polished and wait for ToyBoy to bring me out for dinner. Perfect delicious way to spend a Saturday or Sunday.

On days that feel like exercising, I will wake up early, hit the gym/pool, work out for an hour, then go home and hopefully ToyBoy will be awake to go for lunch.

On days that I don’t feel like doing anything, I will just drag ToyBoy to go out for lunch and maybe hit the mall. One fact you should know about us, we love people watching and I love malls. Especially malls that have nice places to chill and have a drink. Our favorite is Pavilion. We usually do this on a sunday. We will go there after lunch so Toyboy can have his Espresso Correto (espresso with a shot of grappa) and I will have my ice cream at Espressamente.   

So there you have it. My weekend plans.



Most morning, at 8am sharp, 2 birds will come knocking at our bedroom window. Like woodpeckers.

The first time it happened, scared the hell out of us and my dog Mochi. We jumped out of bed and looked around frantically wondering where that sound was coming from. Once we found the source of it, it became rather funny. We had to keep Mochi quiet so the birdies don’t get scared and fly away.

Birds outside our window

Birds ourside our window

Picture’s a bit blurry coz it was shot through the window.

We believe their nest is somewhere above our windows and every morning, before they leave for ‘work’, they knock on our window to say hi.  And I’ll (ToyBoy’s usually too lazy) get up and wave hi back to them.



I was reading this blog by Joy The Baker where she was talking about growing old as in pushing the nineties. She was asking her readers to picture themselves in their old age. What they would be doing…that sorta thing.

So the day-dreamer me immediately went to work. And this is what I pictured.

Me and ToyBoy living in a cottage type of house with lots of land space for a lush garden. The house has a patio with a swing. I love swings. And also a table with 4 chairs that we sit on to sip our teas, whiskeys, and wines.

We’re playing with our dogs while enjoying the cool breeze and listening to the Jazz music playing through the expensive high tech speakers that are wired all over the house.

The house has got lots of vintage design touches. But it also has lots of high tech gadgets (for our convenience) that are placed in such a way that it doesn’t disrupt the flow of the vintage design.  

We will spend our days going to the supermarket, buying groceries, sitting in the sun room, napping, drinking wine, having friends over, cooking dinner (done by the help of course) for ourselves and our friends, painting, drawing…

Rrrrrriinnngggg!!!!!!!!! the phone rings…back to reality.



Yes! I’ve started taking art classes.

This has been a dream/hobby of mine. To take up drawing and painting again. I was an arts stream student in high school. And as a kid, I really enjoyed drawing and painting. As an adult, I enjoy looking at paintings and visiting exhibitions wishing I can paint as well as the featured artists.

So after many many months of debating whether I have the ‘talent’ to paint and draw, I finally got my ass off the couch enough to start looking for an art class.

When I finally found one, goodness me. Its not cheap. And its not easy finding an art center that has adult classes. Most art centers are for schooling children. The fact that he teaches mostly expat adults and ‘rich politicians’ wifes’ is enought of an indication of his fees huh?  So how much is the class? Its a whopping RM120 for every 2 hour class. So to ease my wallet a bit, I’m only doing this twice a month. The rest of the time, will have to rely on myself. Thank goodness for internet. I found so many sites with online tutorials.

These are some art that I’ve found online which is going keep me motivated. And you’ll notice they’re all very childlike type of paintings. Life is realistic enough that we all need some childishness to remind us of those carefree days right?

This is a painting by Kathy R Jeffords. Her art cottage is called The Dreamy Giraffe. I must admit, it was the name Dreamy Giraffe which caught my eye as I used to be called Giraffe (due to my very long neck and late bloomer  body). And I was very dreamy as a child. All my teachers used to say I have my head stuck in a cloud. ALL THE TIME! :p

This painting is by an artist that calls herself Dahlias By Design. She sells her work on Etsy.  

Back to the drawing board now. Have a good week ahead.



vintage red scale

I love all things vintage and retro.

Saw this kitchen scale by Typhoon at Robinson’s department store last night.

As I was caressing it, feeling its smooth steel surface and salivating over the vintage design, I could practically hear it whisper to me “take me home…”.  

Oh, how I had to resist the temptation.