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Boys have this ‘thing’ for brotherhood. They call each other bro, they have their brotherhood handshake, and they have their bonding sessions. On the other hand, girls are more individual. We do things on our own, or in small packs. AND, we call each other by name, not Sista!! LOL.

I had this discussion with ToyBoy when frat mustard said they’re gooing to have their own Gentlemen’s Club that gets together once a week to drink and party.

I asked ToyBoy, “Why do men need to have this brotherhood ‘thing’?” (pardon the repeated use of word ‘thing’. can’t think of replacement)

 His answer was, “men are hunters, hunters hunt in packs. Hence the brotherhood.” Ahhh…so they need numbers for protection. I see.

Because of that, I decided to have my own Ladies Club. Just to see how a sisterhood feels like. :p 

Our first soiree was held at Pink Sage which is a BYO restaurant. BYO is a HUGE bonus point coz cheaper booze means more booze!! And more booze is always a good thing in my book. (didn’t manage to take a picture of all 3 bottles of bubblies)

We had a pink bubbly to go with the name of restaurant. Too bad I forgot to tell the ladies to dress in pink. ^0^

The lovely ladies.


Till the next Ladies Day Out…