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Was watching a movie on Astro a couple night’s back and heard this line…

“Never choose the better guy. Always choose the guy that makes you better.” 

For some reason, this line made an impact. So much so that after few days, I still remember it. (friends that know me knows that I have horrible goldfish memory… :p) 

So. This quote is going into my book of wisdom that I will pass on to my daughter/god daughter/niece/friend’s daughter someday. 




I’m participating in Cikipedia’s Healthy Getaway Weekend!.

I really hope I win as I’ve never been to the island before and I’d love to go. Here’s my entry for the contest.

“Being the fickle person that I am, my fitness routine is never consistent. I exercise based on my mood, be it running, yoga, or swimming. But whatever the mood, I will always exercise. It feels great to sweat, knowing the kind of lifestyle I lead.  “



p.s. keeping fingers tightly crossed!

Two years ago, I started experimenting with dog treats baking when I wanted to make a cake for my doggies. One thing led to another. I decided to start selling them. At the time, I was selling the dog treats and cakes via a pet shop in Kota Damansara. However, that has stopped. Around the same time, I moved into an apartment that didn’t have an oven. So I decided to stop the entire venture.

But…now that I’ve got a spanking new kitchen and oven, I’ve decided to restart and revive the business. 🙂

So, this is my new offering on my blogshop. Its a wheat free Oatmeal and Cheddar biscuit. It is made with oat flour, cheddar cheese, vegetable oil and eggs.

All my treats and cakes will be wheat and corn free. Many dogs are allergic to wheat, including mine. Corn is hard for them to digest. Other foods that are toxic to dogs include onions, chocolate, grapes, raisins, mushroom, macadamia nuts and so on. You can google ‘food toxic to dogs’ and it will generate many pages that you can browse through.

On to my next recipe. This weekend I’m going to be baking non-stop. Can’t sit on my backside if I want to start selling, now can I?




Hi there. Its been a while since I’ve updated this blog. Was going to say its a new year and a new start, but its April already. Anyway, just thought it’ll be nice to revive this again. 

We’ve moved into our own house. Finally. Started renovations last year. Moved in right before Christmas 2011. Maybe I’ll post some pictures one day. Not now. Now, I’m still coming to terms with certain problems with the house. Haven’t quite fallen in love with my house just yet. Plus also kinda angry at the architect and contractor for the delay, lousy workmanship and lack of professionalism. Ok. No more negativity. All the griping and moaning aside, we are very comfortable in our house. So comfortable that I’ve turned a hermit. I just want to stay at home! After work, weekends, sometimes even in the mornings. :p

When we were designing the kitchen, I made sure it is roomy, has enough space for all my kitchen gadgets and AN OVEN! I love to cook and bake!! For our house warming present, I requested for a KitchenAid mixer and I’ve named it Daisy courtesy of the creamy yellow color. This gift was a very thoughtful gesture by our very loving friends. We love our friends to bits! So yeah, I’m baking whenever I have nothing better to do. Some turns out great and some…not so great. Oh well…its a learning process. :p

So, next post will have pictures. Just need to learn how to download pictures from camera to laptop. This is the problem of relying on toyboy to do all the techie work. My bad. 




TGIF!! Here’s a funny post on funny umbrellas!!

Received an email about some funny looking umbrellas which promted me to write this post. I’m not an umbrella person. I’d rather walk in the rain or wait till it stops. Coz I can’t quite figure out how to open or close it from within the car. 😛

car umbrella

Now, this would be PERFECT for me!!

pet umbrella

This umbrella would be purr-fect for my dog. He hates to be out in the rain. All I need now is to get him to wear shoes!! Then he’ll be dry as a bone. No worries of water splattering everywhere!

kids umbrella

I can’t imagine any kid that’d want to use this!!! LOL.!!! Almost like an alien invasion.


Imagine walking in the rain with your love ones. I remember watching black and white movies. Many a love scene was based on two people walking in the rain and this was usually how their love blossomed *butterflies fluttering*, or how they managed to get the courage to declare their love to each other. Walk in rain, must do for every couple.

Have a good weekend everyone!!


Car drives past us. Toy Boy points at it and asks:

ToyBoy: “What do you think of that car?”

Toy Girl: “Huh? What car?”

ToyBoy:”That BMW Z4 that just past us? Didn’t you see it?”

ToyGirl:”Which one is that?”


ToyBoy:”That 911 Carrera that just drove past us?”

ToyGirl:”What carrera?”

Of course, by now, I know what’s a carrera and Z4. Z4 just happens to be

ToyBoy’s favorite car. But don’t ask me to tell between a Z4 and a Z3. Or even

new generation carrera and old genertion carrera. I just know, as long as

they’re nice and curvy, I like. Like the one below.

 nissan micra pink

And the one below.

My dream car.

The perfect shade of pink.

I must say, I prefer the pink on the Nissan Micra than the Audi TT.

What do you think?



Strawberry Margarita Pie

Came across this pie at Hostess with the Mostess. Who would have thought strawberry margharita can be made into a pie?

Gotta try this out soon. All I need now is some tequila. So excited!!!