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Missing You Already

Posted on: December 28, 2013


Your passing was expected, yet still it surprised the hell out of me.

For years I have been angry and frustrated that you just do not want to look after your health better, for your own sake or your wife’s sake or your children’s sake and even your grandchild’s sake. That you just let things be. That you just seem to regress into being a petulant child more and more often.

For years I have seen you show your tantrum to your wife whenever you don’t get what you want..again, acting like a petulant child.

For years I have seen you allow people to walk all over you and abusing your kindness and generosity. I am angry that you don’t fight back. That you don’t tell them to shove it up their ass.

But now that you are gone, I can’t even begin to express how much I miss you already. You have been so consistent in my life…always in the background, always watching, always observing, just not saying much..

I remember…

You used to bring us to the amusement park

You used to pick me up when I fall down (very often)

You used to have cartoons taped for us from Hong Kong…very precious cartoons that were not shown here…and how I used to brag about it to my classmates

You used to buy many Sanrio trinkets for me and sis from your trips that I would show off to my classmates in school (no one in my school had that luxury in those days)

You used to allow me to throw tantrums without scolding me…then I’d feel sorry and come apologize quietly


I wish I’d taken more photos with you

I wish I’d done more things with you

I wish I’d spent more time with you

But my biggest wish is that you are now at peace, no more worries, no more regrets and no more suffering.


1 Response to "Missing You Already"

Lovely piece Chuish. Hugs. No matter how much time passes we have to face the fact that we’ll always be Daddy’s little girl and Mummy’s little boy and we’ll always miss them! BIGG HUGGS! 😉

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